Concrete Countertops New Jersey
Peter Cicalo
Owner/Artisan Peter Cicalo grew up in
the Long Beach Island, Jersey Shore area.
He has been involved in construction and remodeling most of his life. Peter has also always had a strong presence in the visual arts world.
Peter is a graduate of The University of
the Arts, Philadelphia PA, with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Arts. He spent 20+ years as a creative director in the advertising world. Although he never stopped remodeling homes. There is something special about transforming a space and giving it a new life that has always held his interest.
While looking for alternative building ideas and materials he discovered the world of decorative artisan concrete. Fueled with passion by the idea of being able to create customizable functional artistic pieces for everyday life. Peter set forth on a creative journey in the world of artisan concrete. The obsession of using
concrete as a medium
grew. Together with his
building experience and
artistic background
HardLife Products
Concrete Design Studio
was born.
Concrete Countertops New Jersey
The Term HardLIfe has a dual meaning.
First is that we create solid products for sustainable residential or commercial lifestyles. The Second generates from the phrases "€œAnything worthwhile doing is never easy"€ and "€œcreating something from nothing is no easy task"€. We embrace the hand crafted nature of our products and the hard work that comes with it.